Freight management has huge opportunities for better efficiencies

Giving you more control over your logistics

Shippers want more choice and flexibility to serve their customers. Transport operators want to maximise every trip they make. By networking these two sides of the equation and adding the power of data and technology, Netlogix can multiply the benefits across all sectors, including FMCG, retail, food and beverage, manufacturing and industrial, bulk and general freight.

All we need to do is work together

Rather than simply introducing competitive pressure (like a hands-off broker), we bring shippers and carriers together to create efficiencies right across the transport ecosystem, delivering on increased service and savings in cost and carbon.

Starting in 2013 with an idea to radically improve how freight is handled, Netlogix has grown from our New Zealand base to establish a fast-growing presence in Australasia, providing freight owners a single point of accountability for next-gen solutions to their freight management needs.

Let’s share the load

Our key principles are transparency and collaboration, accelerated by our use of advanced technology to align the objectives of freight owners, freight carriers and other industry stakeholders.

Every one of our team members, partners and collaborators is deeply involved in the logistics industry, united by a mission to hunt down inefficiencies and find a better way. Meet the team.

Our ‘asset-lite’ independence and belief in innovation mean we can approach freight industry challenges from a holistic viewpoint, tackling complex issues for both fshippers and carriers, to create a simplified user experience that delivers significant business value.

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